Digital Guide

Product introduction and focus topics

Mathias Nell (Technical setup, Design, Programming)
Johanna Mohr (Project management)
Marlon Tamer (Support UE4, Technical setup)
Sharon Cho (UI/UX, conception),
Stefan Staat (Sound, Technical setup)
Fabian Tews (Web development)

Sourced by: Madhat.
Period: 2022
Customer: VOK DAMS.

• Link to the Digital Guide

The Digital Guide embodies Fendt's consulting and partnership approach: not anonymous, but close, authentic, appreciative. At eye level with the farmers. It picks up the user personally and welcomes us. It explains the format and provides an overview of the topic blocks.

Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Metahuman, Adobe After Effects


Character design

The creation of the guide was done with Metahuman.

Fun and experiments

Teams meeting/discussion with the digital guide

Quelle: Screenshot from the teams meeting with the Digital Guide | People: Marlon Tamer (DG), Mathias Nell, Johanna Mohr, Matthias Hepting.

Technical setup

XR_Studio, Green_Screen, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 4, Metahuman, MadHat Gmbh, Virtual production,Unreal Engine 5, UE4, UE5, Green_Screen, Live_Action,LED_WAll @ Mathias Nell

Quelle: Stefan Staat (photographs)